About Us...

♫ First of all, I'd like to say good evening, and we're so pleased that so many of you could come out and share in all the love and all the happiness we have in store for you, we want you to have a real good time, 'Cause that's just what we have in mind... Is that alright with you?
Now, this is a tune that I composed, ♫

(Betty Wright, Tonight's the Night - 1974) 

And it's called: 


an online shopping experience that provides

high quality apparel to plus sized women,

with sizes ranging from XL to 5X.  

The "KA" Collection was created by K.A. herself.
A plus size gal with an old soul and a love for even older music.

You know, like somewhere between '72 and '95.

She wanted to birth something that resembled who she was,  and who those closest to her have always known her to be. Dope, classy, funny, stylish and musically in tune.

Our pieces will prepare you for a day on the town or a hectic day at the office. Literally, The BEST of BOTH worlds.

A walking composition of lyrics and melodies ... and now, here we are, The "KA" Collection, where we dress in song 

From dresses to sets to perfectly ripped jeans...
The “KA” Collection has everything that you need!